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The District Council of Ceduna maintain the foreshore area, road verges (or nature strips) and public areas within Ceduna, Thevenard, Smoky Bay and Denial Bay.

What works do the Parks and Gardens team undertake?

Our busy Parks and Gardens team perform a number of duties including mowing, maintenance of irrigation systems, watering, planting and care of garden beds and trees.

Capital Works

Capital works in the Parks and Gardens area are subject to Council consideration and funding during budget deliberations that are undertaken in April/May each year. Public consultation, including a public meeting, is undertaken on the budget each year during May/June.


The Council's regular town maintenance and beautification includes mowing medians and public road verges. You can assist by clearing the verge of anything other than landscaping. Building materials, garbage skips or garden clippings should be stored inside your property so the verge is kept clear - any unauthorised matter or materials including trees, shrubs, rocks and posts may attract a fine.

Tree Trimming

At times Council staff trim trees on verges outside homes to ensure that pedestrians have access along footpaths, traffic on roads can pass and that there are no weak branches.
Trained Power Authority contractors also trim trees if they are likely to interfere with power lines.

If you are wondering who trimmed your trees, the basic rule is that Council staff trim trees from the bottom up and Power Authority contractors trim them from the top down. In both cases the trimmings should be removed the same day.

What trees and plants are suitable for our region?

Road verges are usually planted with native species that are hardy, relatively quick growing and long-lived that need watering only during their establishment period and thereafter require very little maintenance. You must if you are considering planting outside your property boundary.

With trees in your own yard it is important to consider other users of the road and footpath. In particular, low branches should be removed to allow clear access for pedestrians and bicycle riders contact the District Council of Ceduna.

The following guides are available for download below:

Plant Guide -Climbers

Plant Guide -Grasses

Plant Guide -Ground Covers

Plant Guide -Shrubs

Plant Guide -Succulents

Plant Guide -Trees

How can I make a maintenance request?

Contact the District Council of Ceduna to make a maintenance request, please ensure the location and a clearly stated action is requested.

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