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Fire Permit


Fire Permits are available through the District Council Administraion Office. Permits must be obtained during the Fire Danger Season. Permits become invalid if a TOTAL FIRE BAN is declared within the region and after the Fire Danger Season has concluded.

Fire Permit holders must notify authorities every time burning in intended as per Clause F on the Ninth Schedule Fire Permit.

Authorites to be notified are:

Ceduna Police Station (08) 8626 2020

CFS Region 6 Port Lincoln (08) 8682 4266

CFS Region 6 Port Lincoln Saturday only (08) 8683 0633 

District Council of Ceduna during business hours only (08) 8625 3407


Tenth Schedule Hot Work Permits are also available from the District Council of Ceduna.

For more information or to obtain a Permit contact the District Council of Ceduna.

District Council of Ceduna
44 O'Loughlin Terrace
(PO Box 175) Ceduna SA 5690
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Tel: (08) 8625 3407
Available 24/7
Tel: 08 8625 3407 Available 24/7