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My Local Services App


Download Council's My Local Services App!

The My Local Services App delivers local information, bin collection reminders, and a reporting feature for our community.My Local Services App

It's a fantastic app that gives you easy access to information on your phone.

Find out what's nearby: Discover nearby council facilities such as parks, playgrounds and libraries. An inbuilt mapping application can then guide you to that spot.

Report issues: Report issues to us which require attention such as damaged bins, graffiti removal, illegal dumping, and other matters.

Bin collections: Find out which bin to put out and when.

 Receive reminders: Receive ‘push notifications’ direct to your phone as reminders for bin set-outs, events and when payments are due.

The District Council of Ceduna joins 22 other councils in South Australia who have implemented the app as part of the Local Government Association’s early adopter program.

Implementation of the My Local Services App will aim to improve our customer service delivery on a mobile platform.

Council encourage  residents and visitors to download the app - and let us know what you think!

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