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Ceduna Entrance Statements - Concept Designs



Ceduna is the gateway to South Australia from the west and the last major town before exiting South Australia when heading west.

Being on national highway one, Ceduna captures all the road traffic crossing the country in the south, and the District Council of Ceduna has recognised that the town entrances into Ceduna need to be key welcoming points for visitors.

The current Ceduna information and parking bays have served their purpose or many years, but they are tired and outdated and do not project the image that is necessary in the current era. 

Council is currently considering 2 concepts for Ceduna Town Entrances.

The rationale behind the two conceptual designs was to create a sense of arrival and give people the sense that they are arriving in a special place stay an extra night or two and explore the district.

The conceptual designs also try to capture the demographics of the region.

Detailed designs have not yet been considered or approved, nor has the project been costed, although it is recognised that the cost of delivering worthwhile long term outcomes will not be insignificant.

Attached are the two conceptual designs Council are considering, prior to seeking Community comment and feedback.


Entrance Statements Concept Designs(1524 kb)

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