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Elected Members

The District Council of Ceduna is represented by 8 Elected Members and 1 Mayor.

The current Elected Members and Mayor were elected by the community at the Local Government Elections held in November 2018 and will represent the Ceduna and districts for a four year term until the next Election in 2022.

An Elected Members role is to represent the views of residents and ratepayers, provide community leadership and guidance, and facilitate communication between the community and the Council.

Their role also includes representing council on other bodies and meetings and taking part in discussions and decision making at Council and committee meetings.

If you have a view or concern that you would like raised, you can contact the Council office on 8625 3407 or you contact one of your Elected Members, who can then relay to Council through the appropriate channels.

Contact details for your Elected Members are provided below.

Will, Perry


Bergmann, Ian

Deputy Mayor

Brewster, Joyce


Brown, Paul


Codrington, Peter


Macgowan, Ian


Niemz, Brenton


Ryan, Geoff


Sleep, Robert

District Council of Ceduna
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Tel: 08 8625 3407 Available 24/7